Partner Opportunities

Partner Opportunities

Become a VAR or Affiliate Partner

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What If…
-You could support your customers with business software they’d use every day?
-Each Customer could choose only the features they need?
-Your market opportunity was global and growing?

Why Not…
-Provide businesses what they want and need — for life!
-Support millions of new start-up and small to medium sized businesses!
-Create a recurring revenue stream for your future!

Connect with Conveyorware and partner with a company that has built software to run businesses with a team of people who’ve run businesses.  Conveyorware offers two ways to Partner with us.  Explore reseller and referral opportunities with Conveyorware and watch your profits soar!

Build Your VAR Business with Conveyorware

Are you a Value Added Reseller, system integrator or other consultant?  Do you sell software and services to clients that manage inventories or have challenging distribution needs? Do the high costs of software packages repeatedly cost you sales? Could you close higher value, more profitable consulting engagements if software fees didn’t take such a large share of your client’s budget?

What if you could get a larger percentage of the client’s budget for your services? You’d likely have a more profitable business with repeat business and more referral opportunities, wouldn’t you?

If your answer is ‘yes’, you should seriously consider building your business with Conveyorware.

Just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when partnering with Conveyorware:

  • Close more sales – our “All-in-One” software is priced to attract customers and help you close more deals.
  • Achieve better cash flow – our multi-year bonus structure substantially exceeds industry averages, creating recurring revenue streams well into the future.
  • Build better long-term customer relationships – customers need integration, they don’t want to pay for it. Conveyorware’s “All in One” integrated system allows you to sell higher value, more profitable consulting services.
  • Optimize project teams – work more efficiently with support from Conveyorware, a team dedicated to partner and customer success.
  • Market more cost-effectively – leverage our tools and training for marketing, sales and fulfillment.

For specific information on Conveyorware’s commission structures please call Dianne at 888-840-0235.

Build Your Affiliate Business with Conveyorware

Are you interested in an Affiliate relationship? Conveyorware provides a generous referral fee to approved companies operating their own Web Site who drive subscribers to Conveyorware.

Become A Conveyorware Partner

(If you are a business interested in Conveyorware and looking for a company to assist you with implementing Conveyorware in your business, contact us.)

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