Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Do You Know What You Have?

Real Time Inventory – Get a True Picture of Inventory Levels and Values

You can use Conveyorware with a PC or Mac, with a Smart Phone, an iPad, or Android Tablet. Whatever is convenient for you. It is an SaaS system (Software as a Service), and much more powerful and faster than anything you could run on a PC.

Perhaps even more amazing, is how affordable we have made the Conveyorware system, for virtually any sized business!

Inventory is allocated as orders are placed and updated as inbound items are scanned. Inventory order quantity is allocated before orders print. Never lose an order!

Conveyorware Inventory and Order Process

  • Automatic reorder reports save time and money – prevent out of stock conditions.
  • Receive customer, inventory and order records in multiple methods (FTP, API, EDI, CSV, XML ++) – Eliminate manual entries.
  • Our Application Program Interface (API) maps any shopping cart to the Conveyorware order file. – Orders load automatically.
  • Conveyorware processes future ship dates and provides a tentative order system – projects inventory purchase.
  • Automated backorders: orders won’t print with short stock unless selected.
  • Returns & Warranty monitors defective rates, repair, replace, and credits given to customers.
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