Fulfillment and Distribution

Warehouse Fulfillment

How Are We Making The Shipping Process Better For Your Business?

Zero errors results in happier customers! Some of the techniques to accomplish this include:

  • Hosted UPS offers accurate billing rates to all clients
  • Create custom carton and master pallet labels.
  • Integrated parcel service for USPS and FedEx and common carrier shipping
  • Summary or detailed Bill of Lading (BOL) printed on demand.
  • AIAG, retail and grocer label compliant.
  • Automatically print shipping labels with carrier instructions
  • Print international documents and customs manifest as required.
  • Tracking numbers & details emailed to all customers
  • International customs manifest automatically created from order file details
  • Order history records contain tracking numbers, weight, number of cartons and box contents

The proprietary software packages for FedEx and USPS are integrated with Conveyorware using a plug-in. You have no need to retype customer’s address – just scan or enter the Conveyorware order number and the necessary shipping details will import to the parcel carrier software.

All Conveyorware history files contain shipping specifics, including tracking numbers, package weights, box counts and items per box. Conveyorware supports common carrier shipping (trucks) with automatic bill of lading generation. Customs documents are automatically generated for international shipments.

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