How to Compare Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) Systems

No software system is the perfect solution for every business, not even Conveyorware®. Let’s make sure you make the right choice for your business.

Take Time to Evaluate Competition

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Initial Considerations:

On-premise, hosted or cloud? Each one of these options has long-term financial and operational impact on your business.

  • Licensing – WMS software providers generally base licensing on the number of users or functional modules. On-premise software requires a large upfront purchase whereas hosted or cloud offerings can be leased via a monthly subscription.
  • Maintenance – On-premise deployments require your company to install software updates and periodic upgrades which carry additional costs. With software subscriptions, patching and upgrades are handled by the software provider and some level of support is often included.
  • Platform – On-premise systems also require upfront purchase of servers and storage/back-up. System hardware will require office space and have energy costs. In subscription based cloud or hosted offerings, these costs are included in the cost of subscription.
  • Services – On-premise software requires technical expertise for operational concerns, hosted or cloud requires the service provider to supply technical support.

For your convenience, we’ve organized cost considerations into the table below:

Hard Costs

On Premises

  • Large upfront licensing fees
  • Hardware costs
  • Annual service contracts
  • Consulting fees
  • IT Staff


  • Subscription costs
  • Annual or monthly service contracts
  • Consulting fees

Hidden Costs
(Hard & Opportunity)

On Premises

  • Real estate
  • Energy costs
  • System patching and ongoing maintenance
  • System implementation
  • Legacy systems integration
  • System training and organizational process changes


  • System implementation
  • Legacy systems integration
  • System training and organizational process changes

Which Software Package is Right for You?

WMS systems are not created equal. On-premise or cloud, these are worthy questions to consider:

  • What functions do you need for your business?
  • What systems do you already have?
  • How much will it cost to integrate your new software package with one or more legacy systems?
  • Does it make more sense to migrate several business processes to a consolidated system that integrates “out of the box?”

Conveyorware’s cost-effective software suite is built to help you manage the entire distribution life cycle, from purchasing through distribution and fulfillment, shipping and returns and the concluding financial statements. Our user-friendly software is comprehensive and packaged to grow with your business needs, while increasing productivity and lowering operating costs:

  • A legitimate “all-in-one” Enterprise Management System (EMS).
  • Flexible packages scaled to serve small retailers to the most complex distribution and warehousing enterprises.
  • Cloud-based subscription licensing at highly competitive rates.
  • Continuous upgrades and system maintenance provided at no additional cost.
  • Robust training and support resources

Compare Conveyorware® to other Software Providers:

Do your homework. You’ll be happy you did. Conveyorware is an attractive alternative to many 3PL and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) – we deliver the core functions of these systems, conveniently packaged at an attractive price.

We’ve spent years building successful businesses on our software – we want you to succeed too!

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