E-commerce Fulfillment — Streamline Your Operation
Business to Consumer and Business to Business

Are you looking for software to connect your Web store to your Inventory? Conveyorware does that in REAL-TIME! Conveyorware provides businesses an “All-in-One” cloud based fully integrated suite of E-commerce offerings that includes inventory control, customer management and order processing, warehouse operations, warranty processing, sales analysis and a complete financial management system.

Need a fast green light on business growth? Conveyorware is your management tool to insure flawless, fast fulfillment connecting one or hundreds of your shopping carts with your distribution system.

Conveyorware’s “All-in-One” Easy to Use Business to Consumer and Business to Business management system streamlines the supply, distribution and fulfillment operations simultaneously integrating the distribution activities with the financial management requirements. Conveyorware’s is a scalable, effective tool providing access to your business from any web-enabled device. Conveyorware’s flexible pricing choices result in broader client options.

Whatever B2C or B2B sales channels you use, operate your business efficiently and cost-effectively with only ONE LOGIN. Conveyorware supports one sales site, multiple sites, any number of shopping carts or hundreds of Point of Sale workstations and easily configures to meet your needs.

EVERY Business “Needs and Receives” the following Functions:


How valuable is your time?  Always know what’s in, what’s out and what’s in inventory!

  • Real Time Inventory – inventory updated as orders are placed — and inbound items are scanned;
  • Inventory integration between your web store and warehouse;
  • Inventory order quantity is allocated before orders print — never lose an order;
  • View orders, inventory and history from any location with any web-enabled device;
  • Automatic reorder point reports save time and money and prevents out of stock conditions;
  • Returns & Warranty monitors defective rates, repair, replace, return and credits to customers;
  • Use our Application Program Interface (API) to map any size shopping cart to the Conveyorware order file;
  • Automated backorders: orders won’t print with short stock unless selected;
  • Receive customer, inventory and order records in multiple methods (FTP, API, EDI, CSV, XML ++)
  • Conveyorware processes future ship dates and has a tentative order system!

How much of your time is spent on financial matters? Know More = Stress Less!

  • Conveyorware fully integrates your e-commerce transactions with the financial accounting;
  • Your webstore is integrated to Conveyorware Accounting Software, no manual entries saves time, ensures accuracy
  • Financial transactions are processed real time;
  • Automatically control special pricing & promotions by customer or inventory items;
  • Revenue & cash disbursements load directly to your Financial Statements:
    • Automatically record revenue to your income statement;
    • Automatically record cash to your balance sheet;

How do you prevent shipping errors? Zero errors result in happy customers!

  • Hosted UPS offers accurate billing rates to all clients;
  • Integrated parcel service for USPS and FedEx and common carrier shipping;
  • Automatically print shipping labels with carrier instructions;
  • Tracking numbers & details emailed to all customers;
  • International customs manifest automatically created from order file details;
  • Order history records contain tracking numbers, weight, number of cartons and box contents.

Minimize inventory carrying costs — maximize earnings — increase business growth!

Without the right tools, inventory optimization can be an enormous task. Conveyorware’s Warehouse Inventory & Services Management System (WMS) is accurate and effective.

  • Real-time inventory status and location;
  • Complete back-office integration with order entry, inventory control and purchase orders;
  • Scalable to accommodate future business growth;
  • Real-time inventory updates;
  • Browser based interface;
  • E-commerce Web integration and B2B support;
  • User defined advanced reporting;
  • Multiple picking and packing methods (LIFO, FIFO, Serial and Lot);
  • Vendor compliance labeling;
  • Automated inventory receipt;
  • Inventory accuracy in cross-referenced manufacturer item numbers;
  • Integration with advanced radio-frequency (RF) and bar-coding technologies;
  • Purchase Order processing;
  • Use bar-coding to scan items in and out of inventory;
  • Track by serial and lot numbers;
  • Transfer inventory between internal locations and warehouses;
  • Manage exchanges and warranty transactions – Repair, Replace, Return and Credit;
  • Physical and cycle count inventory options;
  • Manage back-orders, by item or customer;
  • Specify automated re-order points;
  • Use forecasting to analyze replenishment cycles.

Optimum inventory levels lead to satisfied customers! Conveyorware strengthens and grows your business by having instant, real-time visibility of orders – inventory movement – multi-location stock quantities and reorder point alerts. Know what’s in – what’s out – and what’s on order.


Conveyorware software shipping options include UPS, FedEx, U.S. Postal Service (Endicia), and common carriers.

Conveyorware has a hosted UPS shipping system providing access to UPS rates allowing for seamless connectivity, label generation, shipping documentation and parcel tracking. Customers receive instant parcel tracking numbers. Conveyorware real-time order history contains carton content, weight and tracking information.

FedEx and USPS are integrated with Conveyorware using a plug-in. No need to retype customer’s address, just scan or enter the Conveyorware order number and required shipping details will import to the parcel carrier software. Data exchanges between the systems so all Conveyorware history files contain details such as carton content, weight, tracking numbers and total parcels.

Conveyorware supports common carrier shipping (trucks) with automatic generation of the bill of lading and customs manifest for foreign shipments.


No more switching between different software packages! Conveyorware contains a robust, full-featured accounting system that tracks expenses (Accounts Payable – A/P) and income (Accounts Receivable – A/R) so financial information can be accessed on every part of your business. Conveyorware produces customer billing, cash receipts journals, sales journals, A/P check registers, A/P and A/R aging, and trial balances . . . all the way through to the creation of Financial Statements (balance sheets and income statements).

A few minutes exploring Conveyorware today will save you hours tomorrow!

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